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Topic: Dolby Headphone or DTS Surround Sensation over SPDIF / Optical (Read 1652 times) previous topic - next topic

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Dolby Headphone or DTS Surround Sensation over SPDIF / Optical
I'd like to (in rare occasions when playing insanely competitive games) use one of the virtualisation technologies as they can be useful at times. I noticed my (terrible quality) onboard soundcard has DTS Surround Sensation but for some reason it disables ALL controls and abilities if I switch from Speakers to SPDIF/Optical, meaning I can't use DTS Surround Sensation and my DAC/AMP at the same time (and there's so much noise from the on-board that it's unusable).

Does anyone know of any cards which allow this? (cheap preferably as I won't be using it for any other features, but the key is to allow for the tech AND SPDIF at the same time, not just support one of the techs). Or even better, just some stand-alone software I can use that'll do the same as DH or DTSSS, as I've yet to see anything stand-alone (software wise) which does this, which is a bit strange.

Looking for ideas on whether anyone has done this, weirdly I'm not getting any search engine hits for this, one or two were close, but splintered off on a tangent.

Many Thanks.

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Dolby Headphone or DTS Surround Sensation over SPDIF / Optical
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I can do it with a Xonar DX, and I'm pretty sure all Xonars which have DH can do it, but the drivers are very finicky and many people have trouble with them. They are hated more than loved from what I can tell, but I use DH all the time, and for non-headphone audio I use the HDMI out on my HTPC.