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XLD & Mpad
I've ripped hundreds of CD's using MAX but have recently started using XLD. Initial experience was very positive, quicker ripping, good quality and a broader album cover Dbase. I'm using MPaD as interface with my DAC, though it's not picking up the tracks.  All my music is stored as "Artist/Album/Tracks" on my external HD. I'm ripping CD's also using this format - in XLD preference set as "%a/%T/%n %t". To me the format looks identical to all of the other ripped music on my HD. I can browse as far as the Album on MPaD, yet the tracks are not being listed. Using the Artist or Album lists, also - the new albums don't appear in under existing artists - and new artists don't show up at all in these lists.

When going into the HD and looking at the folder structure, I see no difference between the existing CD's and tracks (ripped with MAX) and the recent ones I added using XLD.

I must be overlooking something, yet have hit a wall in finding options myself. I'd prefer to use XLD going forward, many CD's more to rip and XLD as said appears to be a nicer tool to use.

hope I can be pointed in the right direction. thanks, M