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no padding + no lametag possible?

I'm working on a redub of an old console game that uses mp3 for voice samples used in animated sequences (it doesn't use video) to another language.
the process I have devised involves using the original extracted samples as a cue in the NLE video editor to know how much room I have and also to match the original file size, since it can't be done any other way.
the streams are all fixed format (24kbit cbr mono 22050hz), and of course weren't encoded with lame so there's no lame tag nor does the decoder use it.
the point is, trying to match the original file size when the encoder adds padding and unused info is really hard. I decode the original mp3s to wav and since they have no padding info they just decode the full frames to pcm regardless of anything, and that's the sample lenght I have to match, but then lame padding and tagging ruin it and I have to trim and try until it matches somehow...

Is there a way to instruct the lame encoder not to add padding or anything else and just mind mp3 encoding? or another lame build, or any other idea you may think could help me with this?

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no padding + no lametag possible?
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-t command line switch will disable

full list is here