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[TOS #5] From: Move instead of copy files by drag n drop
may sound funny but it is very hard yes!!

im listening to 2-4 thousand 1shot samples everyday and re-order them / categorize 
the one hand is always at next/previous button and the other in the mouse to drag n drop... to press shift its gonna be 2-4.000 shifts every day

Then hey… since you're working with these, maybe you have an answer for the question that I have been meaning to ask but haven't:
In the playback options, you can set a check to enable "stop playback after current file"– cool, except as soon as it reaches the end of that file, it resets this "flag" or option, so the next sample that it hits, it just keeps on going. I have similar playlists… hundreds or thousands of samples maybe, anywhere from fractions of a second to a few seconds. Once I hit play, that "current track" highlight starts flying down the list, and trying to jump back to replay the single sound I want to listen to a couple of times becomes a cat chasing mouse game LOL. I know I could take it off of cursor follows playback, but I'd like to leave that on and just have it play each song ONCE and then stop. Every time, without having to reset it after every "end" is reached. Only hack solution I have found is to put it on repeat so it doesn't move off the sample but a fraction of a second sample sound on repeat gets a bit grating REALLY quickly after the 100th time it repeats in 3 seconds.

Any ideas why it's resetting or how to work around this issue? Just figured I'd ask since you spawned that memory in my mind.