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Topic: [TOS #5] From: Massive problem with fb2k 1.1.11 (93538) (Read 369 times) previous topic - next topic

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[TOS #5] From: Massive problem with fb2k 1.1.11 (93538)
I would rather chop my balls off and eat them myself.

Don´t be so drastic, because it wouldn´t be helpful to your problem  ..... sorry, but i can´t help you but....

I have also a big problem with ASIO (and WASAPI)
It won´t run  .....once i put the ASIO-out driver in the "Components" folder, foobar don´t start and shows window that some source is damaged.
Removing the driver, foobar runs normal

asio4all works but w/o bitperfect

Then i downloaded the WASAPI driver for foobar.... same procedure and foobar started but does not play (it produce only a frequency-part of the chosen sound track

Hardware is Acer Laptop, USB-conection to audiolab 8200CD (dac)
System is Win 7