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mkv seeking very slow
Hi, I have a large number of music videos, all converted to mkv. Usually they are divided into chapters within one single file per video. I am glad that fb2k can play at least the sound tracks of the videos (and tag the chapters individually!).

There is, however, one problem: Seeking in the mkv files is terribly slow, if the conversion to mkv was done with any other program than GDSMux (which is bundled with Haali Media Splitter). I have tried MKVtoolnix, MakeMKV and MediaCoder so far. Chapter skipping takes up to minutes. The delay is increasing with chapter numbers, so it takes much longer e.g. to jump to chapter 19 than to chapter 1. If the conversion was done with GDSMux, there is virtually no delay, even if I skip wildly between all chapters. The same applies to seeking via fb2ks seekbar within the file.

In most cases I can use GDSMux for conversion, but I have a few videos which GDSMux doesn't accept because it can't handle the video tracks. Conversion with other programs is possible but leads to the seeking problem described above. If I play the same mkvs with VLC, KMPlayer or Media Center 17, seeking and chapter skipping is without any delay.

I wonder what the reason is and if there are possibly certain settings I have to apply to the other converters to avoid the problem?!