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foobar2000 and multiple monitors
Sup people o/

I am running a multi-monitor setup since January (2x24", 1920x1200 each), with one horizontal and one vertical monitor.
This may sound odd, and indeed, it is, but it's more useful to me that way.
Anyway, I am searching for a way to make foobar2000 flexible, so I can use it on both monitors, like one fullscreen equalizer on the left and the playlist + cover on the right.
Simply stretching the windows isn't possible, as there is a resolution mismatch.
Also, as soon as I enter fullscreen visualization mode, the cursor gets removed until I close it again.

Might there be any plugins that make foobar2000 "pop-able", like parting it in different independent windows, so I can move one to the left screen?
Or can you think of any other way to achieve something similar?

Gladly awaiting your answers,

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foobar2000 and multiple monitors
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If you use Columns UI, perhaps the Popup Panels component? 
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foobar2000 and multiple monitors
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Thank you, that's a start.
I just installed Column UI and that plugin, but to me it seems, as if that plugin does not support fullscreen mode, which would be required for my task.
Apart from that, it should do the job.