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[DOUBLE POST] Read Multi Value Tag Format without splitting
I know this is a repeated topic, but i have not found the exact solution i want after surfing a dozen threads, hence posting.

In Multi-value tag fields like Genre and Artist, I want Foobar to recognize a use-defined character as the splitter. I know foobar can write multiple genre fields (by mass tagger or split values), but i dont want my file being rewritten. When foobar (or mp3tag) writes two genre tags, only the first genre is visible in windows explorer details view. To make it windows compatible, i have a single genre tag in "A;B" format. Is it possible that foobar only reads the tag as a string "A;B" and given semicolon(;) as the splitter, recognizes both A and B as two different genres in Library view??

This behavior is available in mediamonkey, which has the option to both write multi-value tags and no-write-only-read-and-recognize the multi-value tags. I think some formatting (kind of $if,$trim, etc) could do the job in foobar as well. Plz help.