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Topic: Am I correct that decompressing to WAV cannot reverse loss of quality? (Read 10989 times) previous topic - next topic

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Am I correct that decompressing to WAV cannot reverse loss of quality?
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I actually thought that the mp3 algorithm can make use of less information by distorting some sounds with overdrives, and just wondered if this clipping distortion can be exactly or just "approximately" recreated in a WAV file, as a gain higher than 1.00 is simply not possible, but seems to be in mp3 files.

Gain and amplitude are different things. What you are talking about is not gain, just as clipping during decoding to fixed point has nothing to do with a signal being overdriven.  Mp3 data is stored as frequency information. Compression is primarily achieved by reducing the precision of this information. Sometimes this reduction in precision causes the time-based data decoded from this frequency-based data to go beyond the values permissible when using fixed point.
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