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Topic: (really) corrupted files, with or w/o foo_verifier (Read 448 times) previous topic - next topic

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(really) corrupted files, with or w/o foo_verifier
After a hard drive crash, I've found the following when I tried to look for files to retrieve from backup. I wanted to dump files to a foobar2000 playlist and then verify integrity -- my idea was to try to guess from here what files were corrupted.

Problem 1: Files that are too corrupted -- file.mp3 with close to 0 MB size -- don't even show up in the playlist. Therefore, without inspecting every single file, there was no way the integrity verifier could help me detect these.

And even for those which are there:

Problem 2: Files that are so close to OK that they do show up, but don't have a length reported, abort the verification. Those files -- and all subsequent -- yield the 'User abort' warning. So I have to look up that one, mark all subsequent, try again, etc.

#1 is kinda a feature request, but I'd consider #2 a bug: It aborts when it shouldn't and it reports that I aborted, when I didn't.

fb2k version: 1.1.11, with most recent foo_verifier