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iOS Control Point?
Any recommendations for music-centric control points on iOS?

Specifically I've bought plugplayer and songbook lite as they both still work with an 1st gen iPod touch that tops out at 3.1.3 support, which I am using as a controller.

Otherwise I like Kinsky, especially it's play next, play now and play later queue concept.  But it's not 3.1.3 compatible.

It needs to be open, such that you can stream to any upnp (in my case a Yamaha rxa1000) not just a Naim or LinnDS (which a number of these appear designed for).

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iOS Control Point?
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For foobar specific control of playback, playlists, queued tracks, etc. I throw in a recommendation for my favorite iOS app: MonkeyMote for foobar2000! Great app. Supports remote control via a standard, simple plugin: foo_monkeymote or whatever; no bloat or extra "servers" to install, so it's as lightweight as it gets; supports WOL, remote connect, physical gesture (shake=?), shows album art, and with the latest update, it now will pull embedded lyrics, or failing that, you can opt for it to grab the lyrics from; supports landscape and portrait modes and there are versions for "other" players, but who cares about that?! I use it daily and it's a fantastic foobar remote. Although I have the much more "universal" and highly configurable remotes like HippoRemote Pro (I had to create my own foobar2000 remote from scratch! Out of the 70+ custom remotes, no foobar?! WTF is up there?
Point was, most of the time I don't need 3 different trackpads, remote, another remote that does extra… I just want to cut some music on, hit me with a standard control set, keep it straightforward and don't turn something simple into a damn harmony remote copycat. I don't mess with anything but foobar2000 and VLC. Both very simple yet extremely customizable to no end if the need is there. Audio and video taken care of. All formats. I don't even dare get near the evil that is WMP, it is banned permanently by me.
So yeah. Free version is available (I believe it's dubbed Lite) to try it out, and the full version isn't but a dollar or two. Well worth it. More info at uhm… I am quite sure. Developer is also very nice and quick to respond.
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