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.WAV files with Vorbis contents?
Does anybody know the specifications of FL Studio's included .WAV files that utilize Vorbis encoding also somehow?  (Yes, PCM .WAV files that utilize some sort of Vorbis encoding!?!  No, I'm not talking about .OGG files.). 
I knew that some of the FL Studio .WAV files used a less-common format, but until recently I didn't know it was Vorbis inside of them.  I discovered this recently while using freeware PlayList to scan some directories for codecs of various media files.  I am just curious to know how this plays out in terms of actual file structure, and hopefully to learn what the advantages/disadvantages would be of this format.  Thanks to anyone who can explain this.
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.WAV files with Vorbis contents?
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WAV can be perfectly tagged. It is a matter of writing the tags in a info chunk.
Unfortunately there is no standard like ID3 as used in MP3.
So each programmer might decide to do something e.g. use VORBIS.

A couple of programs like dbPoweramp, Foobar, JRiver all do it in the same way, writing ID3 in an info chunk. These programs can read each other’s tags.
As a consequence tagging support in WAV is haphazard