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  • Daryll
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WMP9 .wav plugin?
After experimenting with EAC and WMP9 I have come to the conclusion that id rather use WMP9 to rip...

As ill be using WMP9 for playback, its easier to name everything etc. Also I havent been able to rectify the gap between mixed tracks using EAC..whereas WMP9 plays straight through without any complaints...

I would however still like to rip to wav, if possible, but WMP9 doest alow you to do can only rip to wma.

Im using wma lossless at the mo and although I have no complaints id still rather rip to wav if I could (just a mental thing  )

  • SiliGoose
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WMP9 .wav plugin?
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I've wondered about the wav option in WMP 9 too.  Sorry I don't have an answer for you. 
Before jumping to WMP 9 give CDex a try.  It gives good rips.

  • kotrtim
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WMP9 .wav plugin?
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its easier to name everything etc.



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