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Audio clipping on maximized volume

I'm on XP.

After deleting (not deinstalling) my previous installation of foobar2000 (an earlier version) I was without foobar2000 for quite some time before installing the new version v1.1.11.

For some reason the sound is just horrible. It's like amplifing all the waves so they all clip out of audio range. Only foobar2000 does this.

Soundcard is a Creative Soundblaster X-fi elite pro.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or know what could be causing this bug?

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Audio clipping on maximized volume
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It's quite unusual that this is happening, so I think it would be best for you to check some of foobar2000's settings first. I guess a good place to have a look would be under the playback settings of the preferences page. Are both the sliders under 'preamp' set at 0 dB? Are any DSPs active? These are the main things that I'd look for, but it won't hurt to have a play with other playback settings in case, by some chance, they are causing your troubles. Let us know how that goes .
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