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foobar+asio+asus xonar stx=phail
HI, I've got a strange problem with ASIO output, although perhaps it's not a problem but an annoying Asus ASIO driver specificity.

I have two devices connected to the STX, headphones through hp-out and a Marantz receiver with speakers thru SPDIF. The thing is is when i play audio thru foobar using the ASIO output and drivers that come with the soundcard driver, i get sound from both devices - speakers and headphones..that happens even when the default playback device in windows is set to SPDIF, i get sound out of headphones too. I understand that ASIO is supposed to circumvent all the windows settings but this is quite uncomfortable and i'd like to know if there's away to deal with it, namely make only one device active at all times when using ASIO. Non-ASIO output is ok, for example when i play a youtube video the sound only comes through the windows default device.

plz hlp !

the same problem is described here in the first post by someone else in case i'm not making myself clear:
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foobar+asio+asus xonar stx=phail
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It is probably an issue with your ASIO mapper provided by Asus. I use ASIO with E-MU 1820 and I know that mappings of the outputs in ASIO can be different from the ones in windows.