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XLD: CD PAranoia vs XLD Secure Ripper

my question is very simpl- I want to obtain a very high quality extraction process.

I have see that XLD support CD PARANOIA and XLD SECURE RIPPER method.

But what is the better to obtain a 100 % perfect extraction quality?

What is the better method?

Thanks very much

XLD: CD PAranoia vs XLD Secure Ripper
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Both methods are capable of secure ripping I believe.

I've used both but settled on XLD's Secure Ripper. I don't think it will make a bit of discernible difference but it's just what I settled on between the two. If you need help with any of the other settings let me know...I can post screenshots. That's the best I can do to help. I wouldn't personally worry about which one but perhaps someone else here has a different perspective.
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XLD: CD PAranoia vs XLD Secure Ripper
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I use the built-in ripping engine rather than the older CD Paranoia engine. The author of XLD developed his ripping engine to supersede CD Paranoia (In my experiences it's worked superior in scratched discs.). Also keep in mind that the ripping engine really only comes into play when the disc has scratches on it.

I have it setup so that it does a test then rip if the disc is not in the Accurate Rip database, and if the checksums match on the rip and the test then it's good (or reproducibly bad--in which case you'll need a new CD to get a clean rip).

Also, pickup an external CD drive rather than using an internal drive on a Mac. A good external drive will be more reliable and durable. With that said there are some discs that just don't like a particular drive and rip fine if switched to another one (so I do rarely end up using the internal drive as an alternative approach for those discs).

Hope that helps. Did you have any specific questions?

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XLD: CD PAranoia vs XLD Secure Ripper
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Thanks very much :-)

All my question are solved :-)
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