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[TOS #8] From: which lame version?
Gogo is well known for being very fast, but can you point to any listening test results that support your claim for it being "best quality"?

so which version of lame from past till present is best

also suggest me which lame is thouroughly tested till today and recommended

cbr= which lame version is best? and switch?
vbr = which lame version is best? and switch?

i saw doom9 pforum in which fhg was superior to lame 2011

i mainly convert from flac to mp3
i want transparency to my ear cause i can detect difference between lame v0 and original
original has more  rich sound and width while lame has less rich sound and seems like it is cutted at some point, i mean fiedility sound perception width or richness.
if you go by your mind when listening you can hear it but if you go by your heart then i can't distinguish but feels something is misssing which feels bad

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[TOS #8] From: which lame version?
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i mean fiedility sound perception width or richness

From :

In any test where a listener can tell two choices apart via any means apart from listening, the results will usually be what the listener expected in advance; this is called confirmation bias and it's similar to the placebo effect. It means people 'hear' differences because of subconscious cues and preferences that have nothing to do with the audio, like preferring a more expensive (or more attractive) amplifier over a cheaper option.
ABX is considered a minimum bar for a listening test to be meaningful; reputable audio forums such as Hydrogen Audio often do not even allow discussion of listening results unless they meet this minimum objectivity requirement.