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  • rayahl67
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Weird background noise when recording voice
I get this weird background noice when i record voice in Cool Edot Pro 2.1.
The noice follows the voice and is sort of "ringing" or "metallic" robotlike and you can hear it in the background if you listen carefully.

I have use both dynamic and condenser mics and changing channels. The gain level doesn't matter either - the noice is still there.
I'm using Mackie Onyx 400f as external soundcard (connected through fire-wire) and a PC.

Does anyone know what this can be?
Thank you!

  • pdq
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Weird background noise when recording voice
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Could you post a sample?

  • mixminus1
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Weird background noise when recording voice
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That could be a clocking issue with the FireWire interface and/or the A/D converters in the Mackie - have you tried taking an analog out from the Mackie into the input of the PC's on-board sound card?

Even if there's a fair amount of hiss, you should still be able to tell if that metallic sound you're hearing is still there, or if it goes away.
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Weird background noise when recording voice
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That's not likely to be a software issue.  Recording software basically just sets-up the hardware/drivers and routes the data to a file on your hard drive, so your choice of software doesn't affect recording quality (when everything works as expected).  I assume the Mackie came with recording software is you want to try something else.

Since you've tried two mics, it's looking like a defect in the Mackie.

If you are using a high sample rate (higher than 48kHz), try 48 or 44.1kHz.

Are these both good "studio" or "performance" mics (low impedance with XLR connectors)?

What's your recording set-up like?  What are your acoustic levels like?  Is someone just speaking/singing 6-12 inches from the mic?

You said gain levels didn't make a difference, but what are your peak levels?

You also said that you are hearing it in the background...  Do you hear it during quiet parts? silent parts? loud parts?

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Weird background noise when recording voice
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Try this:

Be sure the room is as quiet as possible.
Clap really hard (1 clap), or use some percusive instrument like claves.
Do you here the decay, the reverb, is the same "robotic" distortion present?

Chances are its flutter echo. You need to treat your room acoustically to get rid of it.