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Create a view by "Modfified" field ?
In the standard view, by folder, by album, by artist, etc... I have added a "by modified" and "by added" field (%last_modified%) and (%added%).

My primary reason for creating this was to try and have a easy way of displaying albums which I have recently added to my library, and also to display albums which I have worked on. (I have a large music library which I tinker with all the time).

I would like the "by modified" and "by added" fields to list the entire contents of a album which was recently modified in the file tree with the most recently modified album listed first, and the entire contents of the album to be displayed with the correct track order in the "Modified/Added" playlist.

Any assistance with the correct syntax will be appreciated.

Thank you.

(my sincere apologies for posting in the incorrect sub-forum).
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