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Topic: Soundcheck not working on ipod since new update? (Read 1513 times) previous topic - next topic

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Soundcheck not working on ipod since new update?
I have a weird issue going.First off, I track gain all my files as I want no clipping on them, and absolutely love it.

I know the tags to put on the files so that they work fine and itunes reads the tags.

However, since recently updating my ipod, I notice some files will play with the reduced volume but others won't, i've made no changes to the files and they've been on here since before the update.

For example, I'll pick an album, one song will sound low, then the other extremely high.This album in particular has bad mastering, with -10 and more db gains.

I then go to options, and turn off sound check, and on, when turned off, the song plays at the same volume, but when re enabled again, it plays allot lower.

It gets weirder than that, it seems then that the file that was sound checked before isn't anymore?

This is an issue because with some of the songs my volume bar has to literally be near almost completely silent to get a reasonable volume.

I don't know where this issue came from, and only seemed to have this happen after I updated my ipod touch 3g to 5.1

Any possible insight?

EDIT:I've centered the problem, when I go to the next song, whether in album, playlist, or anything, its sound check doesn't work, but when I go backwards, the songs are soundchecked, could this be a new bug or something?
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