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No Track ID for CD's
I can't figure out how to get foobar to find the track information for my CD's.

Firstly, as I haven't uninstalled Windows Media Player I checked to see if that would locate the information and it did. I have also tried with different CD's in foobar to no avail.

I thought that as my 'Information Lookup' section was unavailable to click that might have something to do with it and after googling it found this;

"The 'Information lookup' section will be grayed out if a suitable metadata lookup component isn't installed. Although there are several components for looking up metadata in external databases in order to tag existing files, presently there's only one such component which works in the Rip Audio CD interface for naming and tagging files as they're being ripped:
- freedb tagger - This is provided via freedb2.dll in the components subfolder of the foobar2000 program folder. It is only distributed in the foobar2000 installer app, so you have to re-run the installer and select it in the optional features. Reinstalling should be safe; all your settings will be preserved."

I followed the instructions here but couldn't find the 'freedb2.dll' file. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is a red herring anyway.

If anyone has any advice on this issue I would greatly appreciate it as I have quite a lot of music I want to rip and really can't stress how shit it will be if I have to manually insert all the data.

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No Track ID for CD's
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Run the installer and select "freedb Tagger" from "optional features".
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