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[TOS #8/TROLLING] From: Looking for a FLAC web player
hey all,

i've been by this thread a couple times looking to stream some lossless audio.

why would i want to stream lossless audio?

because even though mp3's do a good job at what they were designed to do,

they basically sound like yak manure smells when compared to a wav, aiff, etc..

i just couldn't take it anymore reading these posts from these audiowrenches

who keep talking about mp3's and the human ear and perceptibility and that hooey.

ya'll  don't know good quality music because you've never heard it or don't remember it.

you take an mp3 and today's standard computer audio adaptor solution (onboard) or portable and you have the

makings of one 2nd rate audio experience. i run a asus xonar d2 audio card and a

logitech 5.1 sound system. it's capable. when you push it with an mp3, you notice.

it can't carry it because you can't carry what ain't there with a basket full of holes.


two cents