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WMPTagPlus 1.2 and FLAC Tags
I did some searching and only found one entry dealing with WMPTagPlus and the original question was never really answered, so my apologies if this is rehash.

I am fairly new to the HTPC world and have spent 3 weeks on the video side of things.  I am enterning the domain of music now and having hit and miss success so far.  Mainly I want to be able to incorporate my .flac files into a Media Browser plugin called MBMusic 2.0.  Since all of my files (flac included) are fully and properly tagged, MB and the plugin will show all of the tag data properly (i.e. cover image, artist, track title, album title and so on).  However, once you actually begin to play the selected track(s) the control is given to WMP and there I get, for instance, the filename inplace of the Title, Unknown Artist instead of the Artist Name and the cover art image (which is both embedded in the tag info and in a folder.jpg in the albums folder) won't display.

I was directed to WMPTagPlus with the understanding that installing this utility would allow .flac file tag data to be visable within WMP.  Should this be the case?  What might I be doing wrong?

I am using WMP 12 in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.  Of course I am running the 32bit version of WMP 12 in 32bit as that is the default.  After installing the utility (WMPTagPLus), I ran "Apply Media Information Changes" under Organize in hopes that WMP would then pick up and apply the tag info from my .flac files.  Unfotunatly, this was not the case and my one .flac based folder (for testing purposes) remained unaltered afterword.  Another note, I can play the .flac files and can even FF and RWD (which I had read some have trouble with).

The only solution I have found so far (and it's literally a workaround, not a solution) is to convert the .flac files to .wma files using the WMA 9.2 Lossless codec which WMP can see and utilize.

So, where am I going wrong?   

Thanks for your time and effort!