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Q: list and select 'DSP chain presets'?
I want to get a list of saved 'DSP chain presets' which is in DSP Manager preference page and load and apply one of them.
What I want to do is that list and select one of the DSP chain presets from remote application.
Is that possible?

I found some classes that might related to DSP presets but I can't find anything to get list of chain presets.

I think applying new DSP chain can be done with this -> "dsp_config_manager::set_core_settings"
But I can't find a way to get list of saved DSP chain presets.



  holding a single preset information (chain of DSPs, not list of presets)
  can be used with static_api_ptr_t<dsp_config_manager>()->get_core_settings(chain);
    get currently activated DSP chain

dsp_preset_reader, dsp_preset_writer
  It looks like that these classes are used in 'DSP manager preference page' to save or load presets.
  If I want to create my own DSP manager preference, it seems useful.

  I can only get currently activated DSP chain, not list of chain presets.

  I can apply new DSP chsin with this API

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Q: list and select 'DSP chain presets'?
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I don't think it is possible to retrieve the list of DSP chain presets. - my components for foobar2000