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Favoriting a song
Is there any way I can favorite a song in foobar?

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Favoriting a song
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I bet there's hundred of threads on the topic..
anyway, you can use the masstagger or the quicktagger components to create a couple of script in order to add/edit a tag field in your file (typically the RATING tag), and associate keyboard shortcuts or UI buttons to these actions.
Then you could add a column to your playlist view to display the value stored in the tag.

I use 6 stars and a negative value for tracks I want to skip (with foo_skip)
so this is the culumns ui code for displaying 6 yellow-orange stars, changing in color depending on the rating. you'll need some good unicode fonts installed, like arial_unicode_ms.
Code: [Select]




these are the scripts I use in masstagger:
Code: [Select]
increase rating


to set a definite value in one field the command is pretty straightforward..

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Favoriting a song
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if you don't want to tag your files, you might want to look at using foo_playcount which uses a database to store ratings info.