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Topic: library data storage - flac vs AAC - J River vs iTunes (Read 1417 times) previous topic - next topic

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library data storage - flac vs AAC - J River vs iTunes
Hello all

I have two music databases, one composed of flac files I play at home from hard drives via J River and the other is iTunes consisting of 95 percent AAC files with a few Mp3s.

I Have just spent a bunch of time cleaning up the iTunes library, combining multi-disc albums into single groups, renaming, correcting dates, cover art etc.

I am somewhat unclear as to how these differing formats save data - I understand (i think) flac files each contain tag data (metadata). Do AAC files share this trait or is all that stored in the iTunes library files or is it a combination of the two?
In other words, what role do the library files and file metadata play in each format / player?

Thx - Jeff A
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