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MP3 auto tag software? rip and tag
I have a bunch of cds that I have made about 5 yrs ago with various artists. These cds are for car so no labels on music. I can to re-convert to mp3. What is the best software to rip and correctly name the MP3 files?

Is there software that "listens" to the music? (Like Sound Hound for iPhone)

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MP3 auto tag software? rip and tag
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I don't know, but I'm pretty sure you'll need to manually validate and correct the tags anyway.  So, an automatic tagger isn't going to save that much time. 

If you use EAC for ripping, you can type-in the artist & title names and the file name and tags can be written from that information.  (With varous artists, it can be a little tricky.)

Then once you have the files tagged with the correct artist & title, you might want to use an automatic tool for retreiving the artwork, since I assume you don't have the original CDs to scan.