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Cheapest Solution For Me
Hi guys, I am new at hydrogenaudio and I have some questions to be answered. I have following items:

-Philips HMP3000 HD Media Player, with spdif digital output and hdmi output
-philips hts5310/12 home theater system, with 3 of 4 satellite staying now, last one was broken while we are moving from another house. central and subwoofer speakers are working. Overall system has 500w (RDS)
-panasonic 32" hdtv with hdmi input
-500$ money

I searched for entirely new systems like logitech z-906 but as the comments say, those systems are weak and useless. My old speaker set was very good but the player broke down too.

What I thought was:
-buying sony SS-B3000 (x2) (100w) and buying a/v receiver with about 250-300 $, using new sony speakers as front left and right, old philips speakers as rear left,light,center and subwoofer.

If somebody has the satellite speakers for hts5310, I can buy them too and this will be a cheaper solution.

Now I want to know that if this system will be a better solution than z5500 (for 1000$) or z-906 (330$)

edit: I found Denon avr1312 and Sony STRDH520 models, sony has 7.1 and 3D support.
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