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Need Advices - Starting to Make Party Playlist/ Mixes
Well, I've just started to build up a playlist/mix and I'm looking forward to some challenges that have come along the road; for example I 've stumbled with some tracks of genres/styles that I never heard before, I would really like to get to know people who's really into music and knows those seas, to get some recommendations on tracks, sources, etc. I'm asking because so far it's been quite a task. Namely dirty house / dutch house, latin house (I haven't found yet a good resource for tracks) and some others electro/house/club subgenres that are styles that at some point I would like to include in my playlist/mix. Case example I found two awesome tracks of certain style, but I can't manage to find more alike to blend them into the playlist.

There's also the mixing part, in that sense I'm interested in learning about mixing but from the computer, namely using some dj program like virtual dj pro or some other suitable. I would like to be able to mix only a part of a song into other tracks, learn the transitions/beat part and make "interludes" "short tracks" to blend tracks. Said that, what's the best dj/music forum to get assistance in the track selection/style info part, and for the mixing? I'm especially interested in the first part, since the second I guess there should be plethora of guides and resources (or maybe I'm wrong and most guides are flawed and the good ones are hard to find, in which case I'd really appreciate some recommendation).

PD: I can post here some of my specific dudes regarding some tracks, but I thought that's not exactly HA land.

Thank you very much in advanced.