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New Bug/security fix Vorbis release 1.3.3

this is a copy of the notice in the mailing list

Xiph.Org is pleased to announce a full release of libvorbis 1.3.3.
This is a spot release that contains only bug, documentation, and
security fixes.

Changes and fixes in the new libvorbis release include:

* additional proofing against invalid/malicious streams in decode
  (see SVN for details).
* fix a memory leak in vorbis_commentheader_out().
* updates, corrections and clarifications in the Vorbis I specification
* fixed win32 project configuration which referenced two CRT versions
  in output binaries.
* build warning fixes

Tarballs and zipfiles of the official release can be found in the
usual place:

Happy hacking!


Rarewares will uptate soon the dlls and EXEs to this version?
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