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Crash in safe mode 'illegal extension page'
I think I've verified the problem -- even with no extensions running (other than the greyed out ones that I can't disable), when the player crashes, and I ask for it to diagnose the problem,

I'm take to the "You must have an illegal extension" (yeah, an people thought I was trolling when I brought up how bad that error message was or asked why it didn't list any modules that I should disable).  It's seems to be an error message that comes up when the player crashes in its core code and it can't find a module to pin it on  (i.e. running in safe mode, it can't be running in a module!)

It would really be helpful if I could run an extension to verify my save files, my database, etc...but I don't see those options in any of the official lists. 

If the player is going throw up false and/or misleading error messages that tell me 'safe mode is using illegal extensions',  are you really going to tell me that is less than bogus or that my previous statements were completely uncalled for?

I would think it might be helpful for 'other' eyes need to look at the code to find out what the problem is.  Even if the save files were in XML or some standardized format, then they could be verified against any specs... I mean even Microsoft went to XML and documented their internal protocols for the sake of compatibility.

But now I'm beginning to see why no offending modules are listed on that page -- it's because there is no module at fault (if there is, it's built into the player's safe-mode!).  That's just 'low' -- essentially pointing at the user when it's the players core modules that are dying!

FWIW -- I did reinstall the binary, to verify it wasn't corrupt -- the size and date were the same, so that doesn't look like its the problem.

If anyone had a clue -- after I posted my modules -- as to why it has problems, they didn't mention it, so I would guess it's because people know that such a message means only those with the source code could solve/debug this problem (unless there are tools that allow verifying the various files?).... If so, where would they be?  I didn't see them with the official downloads...

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Crash in safe mode 'illegal extension page'
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You are using an illegal component. From your component list from another thread:
foo_clownware.dll (2012-02-03 06:45:57 UTC) UI Hacks 2010-02-05

But not enough, that you are using an illegal component, you also thought it might be clever to rename it.

Make a clean installation and stop using and renaming illegal components. Do you really think, that anyone is interested in supporting you on problems, that might be caused by using an illegal component?

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Crash in safe mode 'illegal extension page'
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[…] you also thought it might be clever to rename it.

No, that’s the result of an automatic word-filter that someone has put in place.

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Crash in safe mode 'illegal extension page'
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When some options are enabled, this plugin installs dsound.dll file into foobar2000 folder, so even 'safe' mode isn't safe enough.