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Wiki listening tests page is an embarrassment
HA's listening tests are among this community's most valuable contributions. They should be made as visible as possible; it should be simple for people (including those unfamiliar with the forum) to find all the latest results.

The wiki's Listening Test page hasn't been updated in years. Many of the results listed are too old to be useful except as arcane history. Various places on the wiki, the forums, and the listening test pages themselves have broken listening test links like those to or There's a fair bit of newer stuff on but there's no useful index.

Something should be done to increase the prominence of the tests which are recent enough to provide useful information for making present-day encoding choices. (Are there any tests which fall into that category outside of last year's 96kbps AAC and 64kbps multiformat tests and the 2008 mp3 test?)

At a minimum, I propose to split private listening tests into another page, put multiformat tests at the top, and reverse the ordering in each category (putting newest public tests first).

(BTW, perhaps an index page at would be nice.)

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Wiki listening tests page is an embarrassment
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Since there were no objections I went ahead and made the "at a minimum" changes I described as well as tightening up the introductory text a little.

Perhaps a quick link to the listening tests wiki page will help people see what I'm trying to do.
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Wiki listening tests page is an embarrassment
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Go right ahead and mould that page into something you think is good. You seem to have a sense of what you want from it, so do it! I like the changes you've made so far. Keep goin'!