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m4a multi-track single file
Hello to everybody.

I am looking to do with this new amazing AAC format, inside mp4 container, what I was used to perfectly do with the old mp3 in conjunction with cue sheets[/color]:

manage multi-track single file.

When "manage" I mean:

- split tracks according to the embedded tracks/chapters list of a multi-track m4a file (possibly copyng the tag to the result slitted file, as mp3 direct cut did);
- edit the tagging of a multi-track m4a file.

I can easly create a single file multi-track (or multi chapter if you prefer) with Foobar in WAV, FLAC and MP3. Also in M4A (aac) but after the creation I have no software able to lossless split single tracks to other m4a files, and no software to re-edit the embedded tag.

I wrote to the developers of Mp3tag v2.49b (wich, istead of the name, it's a very good mp4 m4a tagger also) for a feature request. We well see...

But do you already now some other solution for manage tagging and for losslessy splitting the file?

Maybe some good Mp4 video splitter and or chapters manager can be usefull?? Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

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m4a multi-track single file
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Just to add that:

- Yamb seems to be able to split an m4a multitrack file but it seems can not read the m4a embedded track-list.

- The same story for My MP4Box GUI.

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m4a multi-track single file
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The only program I've found that can split .m4a files from a CUE sheet is the combination of BeSplit + CUE File Splitter, both of which can be downloaded from here.  However, it/they don't do tagging (well, not .m4a/.mp4 tagging), so you'll have to do that manually after the split.

For tagging, MP3Tag can certainly tag individual .m4a files, and I know it can read CUE sheets, but I've never tried to use it to edit them...or are you talking about actual chapter markers in an .m4a file?
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m4a multi-track single file
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Do you mean Medieval CUE Splitter (PC) - v1.2?

In any case i've tryed the software of your link, in particulary CUE_File_Splitter_v0.2_{by_Enfis}. It needs a cue sheet, and if I use the m4a instead, it doesn't work ...

About the actual chapter markers, I do not really know how multi-track m4a is made. I do not know if it's a chapter list like in video streams mp4 or just an embedded cue sheets.

Yamb seems support video chapter list splitting, but with an m4a file the option seems not selectable..

The thing I know is that there's no external ASCII CUE sheet, like for mp3. The track-list is embedded. So it results in just one m4a file.
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