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two requests on foo_playcount
As far as I understood foo_playcount is not third party, so I post my request here...

1) I like the export function which makes it possible to share the statistics with different PCs. Having the possibility of cloud services I thought of an option to automatically export and import the statistics to and from the xml file which would be placed in a shared folder (e.g. dropbox). Switching to another PC the statistics would be automatically up2date everytime without manual sync.

2) I would really appreciate to have the combination of tags which is used for uniquely identifying a track configurable. In my case I would like to remove the use of the "track number" as I'm using *.cue sheets of livesets which often contain the same track but of course on different positions within the set. However to me it's the same track and should be counted as one - but I can't get rid of the track number - it's directly associated with the index in the *.cue file.
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