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please make video functions

I like foobar2000 so far it's great, but I would love to see video please!  Have you guys thought of adding video capabilities?

please make video functions

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Probably not.

See these replies from one of the old threads on the same question:
Does there is a Plugin for foobar2k to play Video(streams)?
Short answer: no, and there will probably never be.
No, foobar2000 is not able to play videos. Depending on the video (container) format, you may be able to play the audio tracks contained in the video. It is not planned to add video playback capabilities to foobar2000.

Or a more technical explanation from another of said threads:
Video is actually quite impossible with the current core design. […] So, no, video won't really be possible with the current core system

At the most basic level: foobar2000 is an audio player. Expecting video support would be unrealistic enough for that reason, even without the implication that Peter should do even more unpaid work in his free time.

please make video functions

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7.5 years ago: the answer is negative.

Damn, too slow again :/

please make video functions

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This question has been asked several times, and the answer is always no.  It's my understanding that the developer wishes foobar to remain an audio player only and not a media player.

You might want to check out VLC or Media Player Classic for video playback.

please make video functions

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I think my core design comment was also before visualization support was added. Either a video output subsystem could theoretically be added, assuming Peter even has any interest in doing so, which I doubt. Or a component could theoretically use the visualization subsystem and/or the reported play position indicator to track the DSP and output latency for timing video frames.

Still sounds sketchy to me.

please make video functions

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I for one appreciate fb2k's ability to play the audio stream of e.g. an mp4 file. Heck, I 'even' learned how to re-encapsulate MPEGS (easy using ffmpeg) in order to have fb2k playing them.

Now if only fb2k could look inside DVD video files (preferably .ISO images stored with the .DVD suffix  ) and report DVD chapters as tracks in the library, and create cuesheets with ReplayGain information ... 

please make video functions

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assuming Peter even has any interest in doing so, which I doubt.

I for one would welcome a slick, clean, no-bullshit video player for Windows. Maybe Peter should do a Kickstarter.
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