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Topic: [AVAST, ME HEARTIES] From: Lame crash (Read 417 times) previous topic - next topic

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[AVAST, ME HEARTIES] From: Lame crash
Ooops, sorry, I see now that rarewares has a updated version of lame 3.99.4 dated 20120130.
The updated version doesn't produce the error above.

The point of trouble:
Microsoft Windows updates, I'm restored my Windows ISO backup, without any updates and now all working great!
But I think it's not the microsoft trouble, because I have not licensed Windows seven (it's cracked) )))

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[AVAST, ME HEARTIES] From: Lame crash
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Running an OS without updates is asking to get penetrated. Also, running heavily modified illegal system software is a bad idea as it may mess up pretty much anything. Please go away.
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