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dbPowerAmp FLAC to ALAC Problem
I have been encountering this a lot recently. I have a number of older FLAC files that play in MediaMonkey, FooBar, Winamp and VLC with no issues. Further, I can edit their tags, etc, with no issues as well. In fact, I've no reason to believe there's anything wrong with the files.

Now I've finally gotten a Mac though (like the rest of the family) and a with an Apple TV, we're consolidating all our media in iTunes (no hecklers please!  ). This is taking a while because I'm fixing tags while I'm doing it and we're talking about a 1.5TB library of music.

I've been converting fairly large batches of FLAC files to ALAC in dbPowerAmp, mostly without issue, but a significant minority of files (I'd say 1% or so) produce this result.

Error converting to Apple Lossless, 'T:\FLAC-C\Cold War Kids\Up In Rags (Matt Deaths' LBC Tapes 02) - Limited Edition 6 track EP\2 - Robbers.flac' to 'S:\To iTunes\Up In Rags (Matt Deaths' LBC Tapes 02) - Limited Edition 6 track EP\2 - Robbers.m4a' md5 did not match decoded data, file is corrupt.

Now, as I said, I can play the files without problems. It's just that I can't convert them. I've even tried converting them to lossy standards, just to see if it's maybe the FLAC>ALAC conversion, specifically. No dice.

Is there something I can use to either check for what, specifically, is corrupted and/or fix the issue, or do I have to re-rip these files?

Thanks in advance for any assistance y'all can muster up for me![/s]

I think the very action of formulating and typing my question also answered it for me. md5 errors. Damn!

Well, I'm going to try the old "convert to WAV and back to FLAC" trick. If that works, I'll save all these files up and batch convert them FLAC>WAV>ALAC. Wish me luck! 
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