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getting music to use the Sub properly
I've just set up a surround system, and all is working, except the sub woofer is not used very good in foobar. It's alot quiter than the other speakers. I'm using the "Channel Mixer" plugin, as otherwise it doesn't get used at all.

I'm used to quite boomy bass, and everything else in windows, even the windows test, uses the sub very good and with the windows test, the sub is very boomy.

I need bass. how can i get it to work like all the other applications?

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getting music to use the Sub properly
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I've noticed this too.  I hope someone has some suggestions.

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getting music to use the Sub properly
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Apparently, your sound system does not offer bass redirection. foobar2000, by default, does not perform any upmixing. So if your sound card or speakers do not direct any bass from the satellites to the subwoofer, then you won't get much bass.

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getting music to use the Sub properly
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I listen to a fair bit of dub reggae, and I'm happy with how the Real Bass Exciter sounds on my kludgy, cobbled-together budget system.

Distant doors and plates rattle depending on the note, which provides me with enough glee that I don't mind going around and figuring out how to dampen the vibration.

Granted, my pc transmits over HDMI to a pioneer vsx-1020 which handles the crossover.  If you are not using a receiver, you might check for crossover settings in your sound control panel. 

Obviously, you try all these things to achieve your own satisfaction and at your own risk.  The two upmix dsp's, channel mixer and foo_surround, are on the troubled components list, so I can't endorse, although I use them and feel satisfied with their performance for my own use on my own system configuration.  Your experience may vary considerably.
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getting music to use the Sub properly
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I don't use a 5.1 system for stereo music and I wouldn't recommend it, but if this is an upmix-problem, you may fix it with this DSP:
- (up|down)mix (to|from) 1-6 channels
- redirect bass to subwoofer channel

I found another guide which could help you:
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