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Genre changes without my influence

I'm from Germany and new here. I'm using Foobar 2000 since a few months without any problems. But yesterday I added 20 new tracks to my pc and edited the complete Id3 Tag. Today there are many entries under the topic "Genre" filled with "Other". I've not typed that in the box before.

Furthermore it is not possible to change this entries without using Foobar. In Foobar I can add one genre name and press "Apply" in the properties and the entry is changed. if I'm trying this in the file properties in the Windows Explorer, after pressing "Apply" the entries are changed too, but when I open the properties directly again, there are still the old values.

What's wrong there? In "Windows Media Player" every options concerning automatically updating or completing tags are disabled, and I have no other media player.

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Genre changes without my influence

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What genre did you set on those files? Or did you set any at all?