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managing music archive multi-platform
hello everyone
i store my music  both in flac and mp3. today i format my ext hdd into ntfs and have few questions;
i use both mac and windows and i want to be able to manage it in both opt systems.
1 - i use foobar portable so i can bring my playlists with me as for mac i dont know what to use any recommendations on
which format fat32 ntfs to use and a portable music app for mac that i can install
2 - people accidently moves my albums while they try to copy the album to themselves, so what should i do
to make just collection folder read only and also should work for multi opt systems( and also hate thumbs.db and ds-store files)

im bit crazy sorry about that 

thank you

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managing music archive multi-platform
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fat32 is much compatible than NTFS in general, and in mac in particular.