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I had orignially assumed that a higher sampling rate would result in a more accurate copy of an analog signal given the increase in samples per second, yet it seems as you say 44.1khz is more than enough to replicate everything in the 20hz-20khz bandwidth according to Nyquist.  This then makes me wonder why we even have 24/192 dacs in the first place except to sell stuff or make use of some psychoacoustical effect of higher frequencies

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but while 16 bits is surely more than adequate for recording vinyl, the same may not be true for 44.1 kHz. Clicks and pops can have frequency content well above 22 kHz, and including the higher frequency content can be useful for their removal. This is not to say that one needs anywhere near 192 kHz, however.

You folks are confusing sampling rate with sound frequency. 192kHz sampling rate simply means that the analog signal is sampled 192,000 times per second. It does not mean that frequencies of up to 192kHz will be recorded - that is intentionally avoided with low-pass filtering because it would be pointless.
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The following was sent by the author of this post that has been binned which he flagged through our post reporting:

How exactly was my post nonsensical? I provided useful information in a thread that ranks highly on related google searches (which is how I found the thread)... I don't see how the original post date is relevant at all.

Since he has disabled personal messaging, I have decided to post the following reply for public consumption:

Your post adds nothing helpful to the thread.  Rather it merely indicates that you are having trouble following the discussion at hand or you have trouble with some basic concepts related to digital sampling.  If this is your way of asking for help in understanding sampling frequency and frequency response, I recommend starting a new discussion so that we may disabuse you.

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Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?