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Foobar and ext HDD formatting
I recently started to use Foobar because it was recommended for use with the Audiolab 8200CDQ.  I started to get error messages reported (something about failed writes to the ext HDD) and then the drive became inaccessible.  The drive was inaccessible to three windows PCs running Xp - 7) and eventually it was reported as being unformatted.  I have had to reformat this drive which contained over 1TB of wav files (not all backed up unfortunately).  It seems that it occurred when I started to use Foobar and I am wondering if this is pure coincidence or if there is any history of this type of thing with Foobar?  Any informatio gratefully received!

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Foobar and ext HDD formatting
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foobar2000 can't cause problems you describe. If it's a 2.5" drive that takes its power from the USB port it's important to have a high quality cable. If the drive loses power at a bad moment its file system can become corrupted. Other explanation is defects in the drive. You should check the drive's condition with manufacturer's tools or at least with chkdsk.