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Ogg bit rate display in Windows Explorer (W7)?
When browsing files in Windows Explorer (W7 32-bit), you can configure your folder view to display a "Bit rate" column/field for each file.  W7 will report bit rates for MP3, WMA, and AAC files, but not for Ogg files.  Is there any kind of app/utility that I can install that will make W7 display bit rates for Ogg files as well?

I know there are utilities out there such as InfoTag Magic that will display such file info/specs when you hover your mouse over a specific file, but that's not what I'm looking for.


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Ogg bit rate display in Windows Explorer (W7)?
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Actually this problem of Windows Explorer not displaying any metadata info from ogg files is wider than mere absence of bit rate display in column view...

I first stumbled upon this problem with Flac files, that was solved (after thorough research on Google) thanks to this unofficial patch: Windows 7 32-64 bits FLAC Property Handler . Microsoft has justified this need for a third party software to be able to do this: Answers Microsoft
But as far as ogg vorbis files are concerned, I couldn't find any similar solution...

Would anyone have a hint/would be competent enough to create a similar patch for Oggs? That would be much appreciated, as even if I use foobar to manage my collection and mp3tag to edit the tags, their easy display in Windows Explorer would smoothen a lot their handling :-]