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Topic: [TOS #12/#7] From: MP3 encoders (HARD ROCK-ACOUSTIC) ABX listening tes (Read 397 times) previous topic - next topic

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[TOS #12/#7] From: MP3 encoders (HARD ROCK-ACOUSTIC) ABX listening tes
So what, if you're new here we should give you 10 posts

I am not sure 10 posts is enough specially if you're a non-native english speaker or an arrogant teenager ... you wouldn't believe the number of bullshits I spreaded on these boards with my previous nick before I got banned & I started to understand my misstakes. I am Roberto's worst nightmare, Greynol would have banned me 10 times in my early days (2003) ... he already tried to ban me after I started to behave

Nah, we're to believe that the OP has either identified new killer samples (which have not been shared, BTW), has golden ears or both.

... there is a statistic probability that he is right ... hence the limit of statistics 
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