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APEv2 tags in MP3
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Here's the updated version of table.

The table is public domain and anyone can edit  If you know any of the MusicBrainz Picard variable names, want to add a program you use, your settings or would like to correct an information etc etc U R welcome. From complete conversion table anyone could benefit. FOR EDITORS: Don't forget on colours (Legend is in the second sheet) and check 100% match with informations on the same row - the variable must be written into exactly the same tags that are present on the row and recognized in the programs under the names which are on the row; if something doesn't match, simply start new row.
If there are stupid kids messing around, I'll find other way.

My semi-final set of tags is in the table as well. It's only for informative purposes but we can discuss it here of course. If any universal tagging scheme comes out, I'll gladly adopt it.