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Topic: [TOS #8] From: New ASIO driver: issues, bug/problem reports, etc. (Read 731 times) previous topic - next topic

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[TOS #8] From: New ASIO driver: issues, bug/problem reports, etc.

I'm the new guy here.

I had a lot trouble with the new ASIO-plugin and was not able to make it going,  but after reading that topic I finally made it. The new ASIO-plugin is awesome. I used the wasapi-plugin und the old ASIO-plugin+ASIO4All for over a year. That improved my sound a lot and I thought this can't be better. But still there where some problems with the sound. Some frequencies where swallowed up and sound a lil bit distorted (especially the high frequencies). Also I missed some deep/strong Bass.

Now the sound is so awesome. Also the new plugin found the build-in ASIO of my UNI Xonar driver (modded Asus driver) and it works wonderfully. Don't need ASIO4All anymore. Thanks a lot Peter.