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Why Continue MP3 Development Given AAC?
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Yeah it doesn't really make sense to add AAC support to a car stereo.  You have to pay to do it, and at the same time no one will ever use it since iPods play audio over AUX or Apple's proprietary digital interface, not over MSC.

If it's a matter of licensing, I grudgingly concede that I "get it." Your point is also valid regarding those that use iPods. FWIW, Saratoga, if it had been you that vaguely implied that I was stupid I think my response would have been a bit less harsh. You have actually made some pretty outstanding contributions here. I'm pretty much always op-ed because I'm not focused enough on any one hobby/interest to be very proficient at or knowledgeable of any. I don't know most of the things that many here do and that's why I hang out. I try not to get involved in pissing contests over trivial matters anymore, as I have admittedly been a jerk in the past. (greynol rightly binned most of that BS.)

...maybe I need to try even harder still.

@Ouroboros: I had one of those MD decks in my car up until about four years ago! (I'm pretty stubborn and slow to let go of some things.)
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