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Encoding to ADTS AAC
I'm using FolderPlay on my phone and it doesn't support AAC in an MP4 container, but only ADTS files with the .aac extension.

What program could I use to do the encoding?
(I tried with Winamp which has an ADTS mode, but the file wouldn't play in FolderPlay and when converting to ADTS it only creates CBR files, which I don't like.)

Do I lose something important by using ADTS instead of MP4, like tags perhaps?

Oh and I'd prefer to use the Winamp encoder, since it just might have the best quality (I tried with AAC encodes in the MP4 container). So eventually I wouldn't mind repacking the .m4a files from Winamp to ADTS, if that's possible.
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Encoding to ADTS AAC
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You lose tags as well as accurate seeking and length detection.