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HD-AAC decoder?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to ask if someone knows where to find a HD-AAC decoder. I've found a pretty big AAC file, which is shown as a 128 kb/s in Foobar, it would be great if i could get the lossless version out of it, somehow...

HD-AAC decoder?

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Are you sure it's an HD-AAC file? I mean, have you converted to FLAC or WAV in foobar and checked with an audio editor what comes out? I don't know of any publicly available HD-AAC decoder (yet), so if the file is not too large, you can send me a personal message with an upload link, and I'll see what I can do.

Edit: actually, the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec plug-in supports HD-AAC, so if you have a DAW, you could try that.

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HD-AAC decoder?

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Sorry guys, was just a "video" (track with a background pic) from YouTube that someone had ripped and uploaded for whatever reason 

@ Helmrich

Without a plugin/decoder Foobar would just give me the lossy core of the file, so converting to FLAC or WAV is not useful, the same goes for Mp3HD. But thanks for the link, I guess that could be interesting for some users here on the board

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