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Test track for phone CPU usage test

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The test track (1:44) consists of three 30 second song samples and some silence:

8 seconds of silence (for easier testing)
30 seconds of Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (for a rock-ish example, although it's the 1991 master so not very loud/compressed by today's standards)
2 seconds of silence
30 seconds of Dave Brubeck - Blue Rondo A La Turk (quieter jazzy track, but still not as quiet as a lot of classical piano music)
2 seconds of silence
30 seconds of DJ Diamond - Rep Yo Clique (a bit bassy, loud and compressed Chicago footwork track)
2 seconds of silence

Uploaded here is the V0 version. (I can't upload the FLAC because it's bigger than 8MB.)

Here's the spectrogram for the FLAC: